Inclusive fitness coach

Everyone has the right to get and stay physically active.  It is our mission to increase the number of inclusive classes that include disabled people across the UK. We will do this by supporting fitness coaches, PTs, gym and sport instructors, dance teachers etc through our practical online workshops.

How to be an inclusive fitness coach


Fitness and sports coaches, dance teachers and gym instructors that attend a workshop will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to include disabled people in their classes. Each 3 hours workshop provides the opportunity to:


  • learn from an instructor with over 30 years experience of delivering inclusive physical activity classes

  • understand how to to confidently deliver inclusive fitness classes that include disabled people 

  • add to your knowledge and learn the key skills required to deliver a safe, enjoyable, developmental, inclusion class

  • identify & assess needs and give appropriate modifications within their sport or chosen activity.

In addition to face-to-face classes, coaches will also go through the key requirements of delivering online/remote classes safely, from insurance, risk assessment, class delivery to 
monitoring impact and development.

Who should attend


This workshop is for fitness coaches, sports instructors, gym instructors, personal trainers, chair based instructors and physical activity coaches who want to better understand the knowledge and skills needed to confidently provide a safe and enjoyable inclusive class so that disabled people can take part.

“Thank you so much for the workshop. It was really informative and gave me a lot to think about in terms of inclusion and adaptations”.

Jo - Angelsey Leisure


Deliver  fitness, dance and 

sports classes to include disabled people

What do I need to do to become an inclusive physical activity coach?


This 3 hours workshop supports fitness coaches and sports instructors that wish to be more inclusive within their classes or those who wish to refresh their knowledge. Whether you are a martial arts or football coach, offer group exercise or dance this workshop will provide you with the knowledge to confidently & safely adapt activity for the disabled people in your class.  

What do I get?

On completing the 3 hours workshop, participants will receive a AQA Unit Award certificate as well as Sanjuro’s Inclusive fitness coach certificate of attendance. 


What will I learn?

During this online inclusion workshop you will learn:

  • about the role of the Inclusive sports and fitness coach

  • take away the knowledge and skills needed to include more disabled people in your classes

  • the 5 elements necessary to run a safe & developmental inclusive physical activity class that includes disabled people

  • the process that needs to be in place to safely deliver an online inclusive fitness class that includes disabled people ​

  • how to work with care givers / PAs to improve the sports / physical activity experience for all participant/s

In addition, you will have demonstrated the ability to:

  • identify the main needs & abilities of students in a class

  • give appropriate adaptations and alternatives of techniques for each student

  • shown knowledge of physical, sensory and mental impairment

  • participated in discussions, using real life case studies, and shown an understanding of differing needs and verbalising appropriate adaptations to ensure a safe physical activity experience 

  • present how you would prepare an inclusive physical activity class that includes disabled people

  • taken part in a discussion around considerations of delivering a safe online class and experienced delivering 5 minutes of your planned class online during this inclusive workshop