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Book and attend one of the workshops and become an inclusive fitness coach 

Becoming an inclusive fitness coach opens up opportunities to reach new groups of people and helps to reduce the isolation that some experience because of a lack of provision

Current inclusion coaches say they find the delivery of inclusive classes, that include disabled people, highly rewarding, as participants appreciate the smallest improvements that make a big impact on their everyday lives

In addition to the above and with the Government’s disability strategy to be released in the near future, it’s more important than ever for fitness coaches to further develop their skills and knowledge to be ready to take on more potential work opportunities​

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Some of the many benefits of being an inclusive fitness coach...

For the students, it gives them an amazing sense of independence and belonging in equal measure provides opportunities to get active, develop and train with like-minded people

For the parents/carers, it gives them respite and shows them that their son/daughter/clients can be more independent as well as helping reduce isolation within a safe & social space

For the coach, it increasing your work opportunities in a rapidly growing area by providing more inclusive classes 

Is personally rewarding to see the positive mental health & physical wellbeing impact inclusive fitness classes have on participants

Helps you support people to develop their potential as their self confidence grows

Potentially provide families an opportunity to train together by giving them a safe positive space to de-stress, laugh share common goals

“This workshop is very inclusive and helps coaches from all levels of experiences and backgrounds”

Anthony - Pro-Touch SA

Inclusive  fitness class supporters.

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