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Sanjuro Training Systems Ltd Company Information 

 Incorporated in 2003, Sanjuro was established to deliver martial arts based physical activity to everyone, regardless of age, identity, ability or background


Our approach is firmly rooted in the traditional martial arts value of training both mind and body to live a better life.


All our classes train the mind and body and ensure each individual benefits personally &/or professional through enjoyable but developmental classes


For over 20 years we have successfully worked with many groups of people to help relieve loneliness, caused through isolation, physical ability, age or income. We have worked with refugees and the elderly delivering inclusive & engaging classes that encourage movement and equally conversations and stories.  


We have worked with, what we were told were, the hard to reach groups – who have always been a delight and whose progress has always amazed the participants themselves.  


Training families is always a pleasure as you watch families stop the “doing” and enjoy a fun work-out together. 


For other clients, such as the elderly or people with an impairment or multiple complex needs, we offer an environment where the participant is encouraged to move and enjoy their class experience.  We have heard so many amazing stories including this one from a Community centre manager who was told this, by the wife of a participant, after we delivered one of our classes at their drop in day centre:


Tom has advanced dementia and would always follow his wife into her art class.  When Sanjuro started to deliver seated exercise classes in the day lounge, Tom would join the class where he would sing along with the music and dance – with dementia you never forget these. He was happier after the classes and his wife had a little time to enjoy a hobby without the worry of looking after Tom too. 


Working with female only groups, refugees as well as homeless and victims of torture & street violence we often hear that the classes give them the confidence to get out and live life again.  Empowering people with knowledge and skills they thought were out of their reach is always our aim and people often email, text, message us to say they have experienced positive life changes since joining our classes.


We have worked (and continue to do so) in many different venues inc. community centres, youth clubs, schools, colleges, worked on housing estates, in parks as well as with corporate clients in their offices. We have delivered dynamic demos at prestigious events & venues and in supermarket car parks – not many venues/spaces we have not delivered in!

Our values remain as in 2003 – that we should not knowingly put up barriers to people being able to train with us. So we never charge our young people, working in partnership with organisations who have the same aims and similar values to sustain our delivery long term.  We offer the full experience, where-ever possible working in lovely & accessible venues, with good & professional people and provide the best class experience each time for everyone.


Focusing on your different client groups is essential.  Getting to know them and understand their behaviours, what barriers they need to overcome helps us put together the right programme of classes for them.  Encouraging them to come along to a class again and again and so developing better & healthier lifestyle habits. 

This approach has ensured that many of our students go on to either develop personally through our grading system or professionally (via our volunteer to Instructor programme) supporting other projects in the company as well as classes. Some of our case-studies highlight a few of our students and their journey with Sanjuro. 


In the current climate – participants’ progress & feedback is what keeps us moving forward and drives us to look at ways to continue to deliver classes for everyone


In addition to our Sanjuro martial art based classes, here are other products and services we have developed as a result of listening to our clients:


Glenn Delikan Five Element Acupuncture


Anita Yiannoullou

Company Director – Sanjuro Training Systems Limited


Glenn Delikan

Chief Instructor – Sanjuro Training Systems Limited


For detail on how we work please take a look at Sanjuro’s Club constitution by clicking here


Updated September 2022

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